Paris Olympics 2024

Ready, Set, Go ....Let's head to France for the 2024 Olympics!

The XXXIII Olympiad otherwise known as the 2024 Olympics is nearly here!

Taking place in Paris during July and August – the Olympics are a great event to thread into classwork, whether to reinforce some learning or just for fun!

2024 Olympic FACT – This is the first time breakdancing will be an Olympic Sport!

Creating craft projects for small children centered on the Olympics can be a fun and educational way to get them excited about the event. Here are some craft ideas:

Make your own Olympic Torch

Materials Needed – Middle of paper towel or paper craft tubes,  orange, yellow, and red tissue paper, glue, and paint.

Olympic torch made of tissue

Quick guide

  1. Paint the paper towel roll in gold or silver.
  2. Cut the tissue paper into flame shapes.
  3. Glue the tissue paper flames inside one end of the painted paper towel roll.

Make your Own Medals – Great for sports day as well!

Materials Needed - Cardboard, gold/silver/bronze paint, ribbon, glue, markers.

cardboard medals

Quick guide

  1. Cut circles from the cardboard.
  2. Paint the circles in gold, silver, or bronze.
  3. Once dry, decorate the medals with markers.
  4. Glue a ribbon loop to the top of each medal.

Flag Painting

Materials Needed - Paper, paints or markers, reference images of flags, paintbrushes. - Need to be speedier? Why not use our eco bunting to add the flags to 

Quick guide

  1. Provide children with images of flags from various countries.
  2. Let them choose a flag to paint or draw on paper.
  3. Encourage them to learn about the country they are representing.

Olympic Sports Scene

Materials Needed - Sugar Paper, markers, sports stencils, glue.

sports Stencils

Quick Guide

  1. Decorate a piece of paper to create a scene from an Olympic sport (e.g., a swimming pool, a running track).
  2. Use the stencils to make paper athletes to populate the scene.
  3. Add details like flags, scoreboards, and audience members.


These crafts are designed to be simple and engaging, allowing children to celebrate the spirit of the Olympics while developing their creativity and fine motor skills.

Let us know if you give any of them a go or have some other great ideas!



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