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    100% Recycled A2 Ten Intensive Colour Card 180gsm

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    This intensive recycled card stock mix is great value buy!

    A huge range of ten assorted intensive colours - purple, red, dark red, deep blue, sky blue, dark green, light green, black, yellow and orange is just great for enhancing topics such as seasons, jungle and the world around us!

    At 180gsm (about 230 micron) we class this card as a thin card - meaning it is great for cutting and sticking, painting and drawing.

    Our ten colour card is also suitable for most printers ( check out your printers specs!)

    As this card is 100% recycled it has a slight texture which is great for pastel, crayon and paint work.

    Quick idea! - Why not try our fluffy animal colour pom-poms and pipe cleaners to create beautiful jungle theme project!

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    100% Recycled A2 Ten Intensive Colour Card 180gsm

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