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    20 Thick Coloured Threading Laces 1m

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    Our super vibrant thick and strong threading laces are fantastic for developing fine motor skills and hand to eye co-ordination.

    Threading is an ideal activity for kids ages three to seven years; use the thread with lacing card, buttons, cotton reels, threading board, beads and more!

    Each lace is 5mm thick and 1m length, the thread is sealed at either end, and smooth to touch. The colours are lovely and vibrant so whichever way you decide to use the threads they won’t be missed and will definitely brighten the day!

    The lace colours have a pearlescent quality giving them a shimmery sheen the colours included are Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow & Green.

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    20 Thick Coloured Threading Laces 1m

    £3.00 GBP

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