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    A4 Easter Coloured Card Pack in 160gsm & Assortment of Colours

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    A bright card pack made from colours chosen for Spring and Easter craft settings at schools or at home.

    Suitable for drawing, printing, card making and many other crafts.

    Sheets of A4 coloured Card in Light Green, Bright Green and Yellow that will brighten up spring display boards and other art works.

    You can use this card for all manner of arts and crafts, its great for folding in half to make Easter cards or for cutting into shapes to use in cut and stick crafts.

    Of course you can also use it for drawings and colouring in with pens, pencils, pastels and chalks.

    This card is 160gsm which is a lightweight but strong card that will hold its shape well, 160gsm is the standard for most general cards and is what is commonly used by schools and play groups.

    At 160gsm this card will pass through most home paper and card printers so you could use this card for printing anything from activity lists for children, to food and drinks menus for businesses.

    Always check your printers specifications prior to printing with card.

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    A4 Easter Coloured Card Pack in 160gsm & Assortment of Colours

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