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    Air Hardening Clay with Fibres 4.5kg Terracotta

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    This terracotta air drying clay is a red/brown colour that dries to a terracota finish - perfect for more natural items. Our non toxic air drying clay is similar to potters clay but has the advantage of being air drying - perfect for when you don't have access to a kiln or your are running a one off session. The clay is nylon reinforced to give it better strength so great for making largers projects - those that small hands lean towards. The clay comes in a airtight bag and can be sealed and kept like this - just spray with water if you feel it needs more life. Once the clay has been dried it can be varnished, painted and decorated as normal. It can also be fired if you prefer. The pack contains full instructions. It has a slow shrinkage rate but be aware that drying time will vary according to the project and environment.

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    Air Hardening Clay with Fibres 4.5kg Terracotta

    £9.96 GBP

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