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    12 Silver and Gold Sheets of Corrugated Card

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    If you’re looking for super strength and sparkle for your craft projects – look no further!

    Our 12 sheet pack of silver and gold corrugated card measuring 305 x 407mm (slightly smaller than A3) will make a bold, shiny and strong addition to your creation.

    The card can be easily moulded into shapes, it has medium ridges measuring 0.5 x 0.3mm running along the full length of the card.

    Corrugated card has the added benefit of increased strength; whatever you decide to make your construction will capable of holding much more weight than standard card.

    There are so many things you can use corrugated craft card for; mounting, birthday cards, modelling, small scale scenery, figures, masks, pencil pots and more!

    Roll, bend, fold and twist to make your own creations!

    The pack contains 12 sheets of high quality medium corrugated gold card, white on reverse.

    Quick science project – why not do an experiment to see how much stronger corrugated card is to normal card?

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    12 Silver and Gold Sheets of Corrugated Card

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