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    Easi-Grip Multi-Pattern Christmas Roller

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    This Christmas themed easi-grip rolling pin is interchangeable and comes with 6 pieces that screw together easily so a child can create many different patterns!

    Simply unscrew the sections and re-arrange to create a different pattern combination.

    The rolling pin comes with 2 blank pieces and 4 patterned pieces.

    This festive roller features repeating patterns of:
    -Crackers, baubles & reindeers
    -Houses & Christmas trees
    -Hearts & trees
    -Holly leaves & berries

    Once you have decided on your pattern the uses are endless! You can create imprints in dough or clay, use with ready mix poster paint, use with pre-loaded paint pads or even make your own wrapping paper…

    The tool is made from soft, easy to grip washable plastic so it can be used again and again.

    The length of the rolling pin (with all pieces present) is approximately 20cm.

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    Easi-Grip Multi-Pattern Christmas Roller

    £6.00 GBP

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