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    Dough Modelling Tools

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    Made of sturdy plastic these knives (tools) are great for any learning settings.

    Each knife (tool) has a different cutting blade - making six variations
    Create textured grooves with the forked end and carve out concave areas with the small curved tool. The rounded ball end can smooth out hard to reach places while the pointed tool shapes fine details with precision.

    The rounded paddle end can be used to gently flatten areas and the hooked end incises and removes clay with accuracy.

    Clay tools perfect to cut, curve, scrape, shape, smooth. Suitable for both home and school uses.

    Great for cutting dough and clay as well as mark making in them. Also why not try with paint? Can be applied to ceramic arts, plastic modelling, clay modelling and baking.

    The average length of the tools is 15cm.

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    Dough Modelling Tools

    £1.26 GBP
    £0.63 GBP

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