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    Glitter Glue Pens Pack of 30

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    These glitter glue pens are a great, no mess way of using glitter in your setting.

    The glitter comes suspended in a water based glue that can be applied straight to your artwork.

    These pens are super easy to use, they are soft enough for little hands to squeeze the glue out.

    The glitter glue can be used to draw straight from the pen.

    As the sparkly glue is water based, it is great to use in messy play to spread with fingers.

    This is a class pack of glitter glue pens, 30 pens in a mix of 5 bright colours including red, green, gold, silver and blue.

    Each pen measures 12cm x 1cm and contains 12ml of glue.

    Each pen has its own lid.

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    Glitter Glue Pens Pack of 30

    £6.29 GBP

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