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    A4 Greyboard 1500 Micron Construction Board Choose Quantity

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    A great value pack of A4 Greyboard. Greyboard is ideal for making mock ups, presentations, book making or modelling.

    The sheets are 1500 micron thick which is the equivalent to about 1.5mm.

    Greyboard is made from 100% recycled material and can be used in many ways; as backing card for packaging, creating displays, model making & mounting art prints. The board is the same grey colour through the board and on both sides.

    Greyboard is versatile product; the ideal material for model makers being rigid and sturdy allowing models to last for years. Easy and fun to work with, create hand crafted model scenes (using a small hand held cutting tool) for your mini worlds, train railway, or set design.

    This thick and strong board is ideal for mounting art prints, displaying creative work in schools and classrooms or creating a design portfolio. The rigidity of the board will protect art work from creases and folds, dust and bent corners and a small amount of moisture.
    When used as backing card or in packaging the rigidity of Greyboard is excellent in keeping items flat.
    Quick idea! Use Greyboard as a backing card for notepads pads, books, and music sheets.

    Manufactured in one shade, grey. Shades can differ from batch to batch, as a result of the 100 percent recycled materials that are used to create the product.

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    A4 Greyboard 1500 Micron Construction Board Choose Quantity

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