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    A4 160gsm Halloween Card / Autumn Card Pack Choose Quantity

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    Strong, bold hue coloured card by BCreativetolearn,

    This pack of card is made from sustainably managed forests & is also 100% recyclable.

    This high-quality coloured card is great for making artwork & prints standout.

    Each pack of Halloween card consists of sheets of A4 160gsm coloured card, an even number of sheets of Black and Orange.

    The coloured card is suitable for many stationary uses & for use with most printers.

    Perfect for ethically and/or budget-minded artists our card is perfect for many projects!

    Card Making, Cut & Stick Crafts, Drawing (Markers, Pencil, Charcoal, Inks), Print Making, Flash Cards, Revision Cards, Inkjet and Laser Printing, Stamping and more. 

    (You should always check your printer specifications prior to printing with any card.)

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    A4 160gsm Halloween Card / Autumn Card Pack Choose Quantity

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