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    Assorted Shape Lino Cutters and Handle

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    Our pack of 5 assorted shape lino cutting blades and a handle is great for creating complex pictures on lino blocks!

    The cutter blades are ground to the optimum angle to ensure easier cutting and a long lasting cutting edge.

    This pack contains 1 of each 1-5 shapes (see photo).

    Each blade is approximately 40mm long and made out of high carbon steel.

    This set includes sturdy plastic handle with expandable collar, allowing cutting blades to be changed easily.

    You will need to put the blade into the handle and screw tight so it won’t move when using.

    Quick idea – don`t forget to order our sturdy plastic handle, specially designed for cutting blades!

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    Assorted Shape Lino Cutters and Handle

    £3.72 GBP

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