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    Masking Tape 50mm Width x 50m

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    Masking tape is an art & craft essential!

    Our wide masking tape (50mm x 500m) means you have a roll with double the stick - compared to a standard size 25mm width tape.

    This masking tape is a craft box 'must have', and will assist you in achieving a top quality finish for all your crafts & modelling work.

    The tape is easy to tear and strong.

    This adhesive tape prevents paint bleeding letting you mask off areas easily and effectively.

    Once finished, simply peel the tape and your surface is left clean, non-sticky and without damage.

    If you are embarking on a Willow/Withy stick making mission - this tape is the perfect tape to use to secure your Willow Structures and when making Willow Stick Lanterns.

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    Masking Tape 50mm Width x 50m

    £3.36 GBP

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