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    Tub of Natural Wooden Threading Beads

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    Our lovely selection of 500 smooth varnished wooden beads comes in a handy & attractive clear plastic barrel with carrying handle.

    With a great range of sizes and colours in one handy tub you will be able to create many naturally beautiful pieces.

    Containing approx.. 10 different assorted shapes and sizes including; small, medium & large round beads, square beads, torpedo shaped, barrel shaped, and ridged beads.

    The wooden beads have a subtle sheen and are smooth to touch, they range in light, medium and dark natural wood colour.

    All of the beads have threading holes, great for use with lace, leather, string or wire.

    The bead sizes range from 0.5mm - 20mm with the threading holes varying in size between 0.2mm - 0.4mm.

    Did you know if you made a single necklace using all the beads in the tub you would have a 3.5 meter long necklace – the size of an average Boa Constrictor!

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    Tub of Natural Wooden Threading Beads

    £4.60 GBP

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