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    Pack of 4 Transport Lacing Shapes & Threading Laces

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    Our pack of transport shapes and laces are a great to link in with the early years theme of Travel & Transport.

    In each pack there are four transport themed shapes; Car, Train, Airplane and Boat in bright primary colours. The shapes measure approx 12cm x 8cm x 0.2cm.

    The pack also contains 4 threading laces in primary colours red, blue, green and yellow. The laces are sealed on each end, making them easier to work with.

    Playing with the transport laces will create an ideal opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills alongside the opportunity to engage in discussion, play and exploration around travel and transport.

    Quick idea: Enjoy making the noise that each mode of transport makes while threading!

    Tip! Be sure to fasten with a small knot when you start threading so the thread doesn’t completely pull all the way through.

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    Pack of 4 Transport Lacing Shapes & Threading Laces

    £2.88 GBP

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