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    Paste Brushes and Glue Spreaders Pack

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    A great adhesive set for fun craft activities

    Choose from a pack comprising of 3 items - 1 glue brush and 2 glue spreaders or a pack containing 10 items 10 glue brushes and 10 glue spreaders

    The 1/2" flat tip hog bristle paste brush is approximately 15.5cm long, has a chunky handle and is ideal for use with most washable craft adhesives.

    The glue spreaders are 11cm long and are easy to hold.

    Made of plastic the glue spreaders are flexible and have 'shoulder' guards to help take the mess out of glueing activities and allow children to apply glue more accurately.

    Our glue spreaders are washable and easy to clean.

    Quick idea – use glue spreaders and glue brushes to paint with our assorted colour glitter glue for shiny finish of your craft work.

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    Paste Brushes and Glue Spreaders Pack

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