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    Premium Glow in the Dark Paint - Orange

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    Brilliant glow in the dark party paint!

    Our glow in the dark paints are great fun and will add a spectacular ‘Wow Glow!’ factor to a wide range of art projects.

    Try adding them to a painting, decorating crafts and more. The paint could be applied to painted stars in a nursery, added to glowing house numbers, escape route markings, jewellery, candles to name a few ideas.

    Get going and keep glowing!

    Glow in the dark paints from Be Creative also available in White, Pink, Green and Yellow.

    Harmful if swallowed.

    Please note, our glow in the dark paints are Phosphorescent* and Fluorescent**.

    They work particularly well with UV light.

    The colours become stronger with several layers, the strongest colour is white

    *Phosphorescent - really truly glows in the dark! ... **Fluorescent - Does not glow in the dark, but DOES glow very intensely under so called (fluorescent) black lights. Fluorescent paint reacts to long-wave ultraviolet (UV) radiation, commonly known as black light.

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    Premium Glow in the Dark Paint - Orange

    £3.06 GBP

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