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    Ready Mix Paint in 12 Assorted Colours

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    Our fab ready to use poster paints are top-grade and made in the UK. In addition to the brilliant quality, the paints are also non-toxic and gluten free (perfect to use with children!)
    The colours are rich and vibrant; the paints have a lovely thick texture to give great coverage.
    The paints can be easily diluted with water or mixed with PVA to achieve a variety of finishes.
    All the colours are fully intermixable and dry to an opaque finish.
    All of the paints come in flip top bottles that are easy to use and store.
    Colours Included in this pack: Blue, Brown, White, Black, Orange, Crimson, Lemon, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink and Lime.
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    Ready Mix Paint in 12 Assorted Colours

    £17.40 GBP

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