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    Ready To Use Metallic Marbling Inks

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    Marbling inks are perfect for creating mesmerising, colourful and unique patterns in your setting – it’s loads of fun too!
    This set of marbling inks comes in a choice of 8 shiny metallic shades: violet, green, gold, silver, copper, yellow, blue and pink.
    Based on the principle that oil floats, simply adding them to water causes the marbling inks to disperse and produce a stunning marbled effect.
    Comb or swirl the floating ink then gently place a sheet of paper (or any porous material) on top, carefully remove and leave to dry. Add several colours to produce various effects!
    All of the inks come in easy to squeeze bottles with fitted nibs.
    The inks are non-toxic which makes them fantastic to use with children.
    8 x 25ml
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    Ready To Use Metallic Marbling Inks

    £10.99 GBP

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