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    Short White Pipe Cleaners

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    Short white pipe cleaners can be used for model making and collage. Simply twist into position!

    White pipe cleaners are great not only for making snowflakes but lots of other art activities.

    The pipcleaners are cut to a perfect length (15cm) for small hands to easily twist and make all sorts! Try creating small creatures, people, dream catchers, rings, furniture and more!

    Use these bendy craft stems for practising fine motor skills – bend into shapes or thread beads on to make lovely patterns.

    This pack contains pipe cleaners 15cm in length and a width of 4mm.

    A great preschool play idea – using Magnets and Pipe Cleaners; simply cut up pipe cleaners and put them inside an empty bottle; screw on the lid, and use a magnet to go over the outside of the bottle - prepare to be dazzled!

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    Short White Pipe Cleaners

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