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    Tinsel Pipe Cleaners

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    Have all of the glitz and glam of tinsel in a pliable pipecleaner!

    A great versatile art cupboard essential for Christmas themed crafts, including decoration making and embellishing. These tinsel covered pipecleaners come in a range of colours including gold, sliver, red, blue and green.

    Try making Stars, Wreaths, Angels or something from your own rich imagination, this pack of 100 easy to bend twinkly short tinsel covered pipe cleaners will be the perfect partner!

    The pipe cleaners in this pack are 15cm long.

    A great preschool play idea – using Magnets and Pipe Cleaners; Simply cut up pipe cleaners and put them inside an empty bottle. Screw on the lid, and use a magnet to go over the outside of the bottle, prepared to be dazzled!

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    Tinsel Pipe Cleaners

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