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    Bumper Mother's Day Collage & Craft Resource Pack

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    This Mother’s Day and Valentines pack of loose parts is perfect to craft and play and discuss!

    A full pack of collage and craft materials ready to promote Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

    This Valentine's and Mother's day pack is designed to provide the loose parts to make your art area broadly on topic, whilst encouraging child led creativity.

    The contents nod towards theme work but allow for free exploration!

    Simply add to your free choice tables and see what the children produce.

    This pack includes:

    • 250 foam hearts and flowers
    • 100 assorted pipe cleaners- 15cm length
    • 350g of red collage sand
    • 350g of white collage sand
    • 400 fabric petals
    • Assorted doilies - A mix of large and small, metallic and coloured
    • 480 Large coloured tissue circles - 15cm diameter
    • 20 large sheets of assorted pastel tissue paper ( 50 x 70cm)
    • 250g fuchsia glitter
    • 250g pale pink glitter

    Even if you have some products left after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the contents will pass for a great spring topic.


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    Bumper Mother's Day Collage & Craft Resource Pack

    £20.99 GBP

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