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    White Fast Drying Mod Roc 8cm x 3m Pack of 16 Rolls

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    Mod Roc or plaster bandage is a great modelling material.

    The pack contains 16 rolls and each roll is 8cm x 3m.

    Mod Roc is ideal to create light but strong structures, it can be used for mask making, landscapes, scenery and sculptures.

    This plaster bandage is easy to use, just dip in warm water, shake off the excess water and immediately wrap around whatever you require smoothing out air pockets.

    You can apply several layers if needed.

    Our Mod Roc bandage sets quickly and it can be handled after half an hour, however, we suggest to wait 24 hours for Mod Roc fully harden and dry.

    Once the Mod Roc is dry it is suitable for paint and glue works.

    Quick idea – why not try our assorted colour fluorescent ready mix paint set for finishing up your 3D masterpiece!

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    White Fast Drying Mod Roc 8cm x 3m Pack of 16 Rolls

    £11.26 GBP

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